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    What is Genuine Nard Oil? Here's The Uses, Benefit, and Price

    Have you heard of nard oil before?

    You may be familiar with some of its common names such as narwastu oil or Indian nard oil, but you may not know much about what narwastu oil actually is and its uses.

    Narwastu oil comes from the Himalayan region, such as India, China and Nepal. Genuine nard oil has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine because of its very calming and therapeutic uses. In fact, this oil is mentioned in the Bible, too.

    The following is a complete explanation.

    Spikenard Oil: The Source of Genuine Nard Oil

    Spikenard, with the botanical name Nardostachys jatamansi, is a small perennial plant native to the Himalayan region. Its creeping rhizome sends up clumps of thick green leaves and spikes of tiny pink or white flowers in summer.

    Traders once risked treacherous mountain passes to acquire its prized underground root and rhizome, prized for their intensely aromatic essential oil. Spikenard grows at high altitudes, its oil serving as nature's protection from harsh conditions.

    Nard Oil in Christianity and World

    References to spikenard date back over 3000 years in Ayurvedic and ancient Greek texts. It was one of the treasures gifted to Jesus and features prominently in many religious traditions.

    Spikenard oil was worn by nobility and used in perfumes, incense, aromatherapy and sacred ceremonies across Asia, the Middle East and Mediterranean for its rich, warm, balsamic scent. Its rarity attributed to its preciousness.

    Extraction of Spikenard Oil

    Traditionally, spikenard rhizomes were dug up, cleaned, dried and steam distilled to produce its highly valued essential oil. Modern methods utilize sustainable hydrodistillation with minimal environmental impact.

    Proper cultivation and harvesting ensures spikenard's continued existence, while meeting demand sustainably for its treasured oil in therapeutic and spiritual applications. Its rarity now inspires greater care and respect.

    Uses and Benefits of Nard Oil

    1. Aromatherapy Applications

    Prized for millennia, nard oil offers calming yet energizing properties when used aromatically. Its warm, balsamic scent can:
    • Relieve stress, anxiety and depression when inhaled or with a diffuser. Compounds like asarone lift mood.
    • Soothe sore muscles, ease headaches and promote relaxation through massage. Nard oil's emollient qualities nourish skin.
    • Purify living spaces through incense or room sprays, its antiseptic properties cleansing both body and atmosphere.

    2. Cosmetic and Skin Benefits

    With hydrating fatty acids and antioxidants, nard oil moisturizes skin when used topically. It may help:
    • Improve the appearance of scars, age spots, blemishes or skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.
    • Soothe itchy, irritated or inflamed skin. Nard oil's anti-inflammatory effects calm issues.
    • Nourish and condition cuticles, elbows, knees or feet in emollient creams or salves.
    • Add radiance to skin as an additive in face oils, serums or natural cosmetics for its rejuvenating properties.

    3. Spiritual and Ceremonial Uses

    Across faiths, nard oil uplifts through scent, employed to:
    • Enhance prayer, meditation or yoga practice. Its aroma elevates consciousness.
    • Purify spaces, items, or the body before sacred rites. Nard oil symbolizes purity.
    • Honor milestones like births, weddings or memorials as incense or in anointing oils.

    Genuine Nard Oil Price and Quality

    Nard oil has been one of the most expensive essential oils traded throughout history due to its rarity and valued properties.

    Its status as a luxury item commands a high market price, especially for the finest grades sold in small ornamental bottles.

    Customers are willing to pay top dollar for its perceived prestige and potential health benefits over other common oils.

    On average, a 15ml bottle of genuine nard oil can range from $150 up to $500 or more depending on supplier, grade and country of origin. As with any expensive natural product, it's important to research brands and verify authenticity to avoid overpaying for lower quality oils. But for those seeking its unique properties, nard oil's benefits may very well be worth the cost.

    FAQs about Nard Oil

    Q: So, explain what is genuine nard oil in short?

    A: Nard oil is what we called the sacred oil extracted from special Himalayan plants’ roots. Through careful tending and ancient techniques, its complex aroma was unlocked to soothe spirits and uplift souls. Deeply treasured for rituals, its rich fragrance like no other calmed the troubled mind and heart.

    Q: What does pure nard oil smell like?

    A: To me nard oil carries the scent of misty mountain laurels - at once earthy yet lifting your senses to realms beyond. Woody notes mingle with warmth, like campfire on crisp autumn eves. And beneath, a sweet spice whispers of nature's mysteries revealed to those who pause and inhale deep. Its aroma is a journey within.

    Q: Why is spikenard oil so expensive?

    A: The plants giving nard oil reside in lands not easily walked. Their tending and harvesting require dedication few maintain. From root to refined essence, each step impacts the final cost as lives dedicated full earn their living thus. Rarity plays its role too, for limited gifts deserve high regards from those graced to receive such comforts for the soul. The expense reflects these dignities if one looks with eyes to understand.

    Q: Are there any alternatives to nard oil?

    A: While other scents evoke similar reveries, none replace nard oil's scent. Oils like patchouli may walk companionably beside, as vetiver soothes in turn, yet both differ in effect though fair of form. Nard oil's particular solace comes from realms alone it kens. Alternatives can complement but none convert its unique voice which uplifts spirits of those whose hearts stay open to receive it.

    Q: What is the medicinal use of nard?

    A: Healers of ages past knew nard oil calmed the chaos in our minds, allowing inner wisdom to surface and guide us towards balance. For respiration troubled, or moon cycles bringing pain, its scent would shift suffering's tides. Even digestions plagued by turmoil found relief in nard oil's soothing grace. An aroma ally for wellness in body, mind and soul it stays, if we like those healers learn plant wisdom for our common good.

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